DEA Dollars

We all know how important it is to support local businesses with our own purchases, but you can also support local businesses when giving gifts, awards, and prizes.  Rather than giving a gift card from a big box store or cash, consider purchasing DEA Dollars.  Your recipient will have access to a wide variety of goods and services, while you ensure that Dwight area businesses are supported.

DEA Dollars

Use DEA Dollars at Member Businesses


How Does It Work?

DEA Dollars can be purchased through the Dwight Economic Alliance office in the Train Depot at 132 E.  Main Street.  You purchase the certificates dollar-for-dollar (no fees are added) in any increments of your choice (usually $5, $10, or $20).  Your recipient can then spend DEA Dollars at any participating business.



Not all businesses are able to participate.  See the list below for participating businesses.  Certificates are not redeemable for cash (that would defeat the purpose), and businesses are restricted from giving change for that reason.  If you suspect that your recipient may wish to purchase several small items with their gift, you may want to consider asking for several smaller certificates, rather than one large certificate.  Some businesses may be unable to accept certificates for certain types of transactions, such as investments or third-party payments.

Businesses Currently Accepting DEA Dollars

A Touch of Destiny

Aidensbrook by Brooke Baker

Aly Anne’s

Beautiful Bella’s Esthetics

C&B Bargains

Cherry Red Roasters

Coleman & Son Garage

Dwight Country Club

Dwight Nail and Spa

Dwight Pizza & More

Dwight Veterinary Clinic

Flo’s on Franklin

Franklin Corner

J&D Pickin’ Adventures

Jensen’s BP Amoco

McDonald’s (Dwight)

Prairie Creek Public Library

Route 66 Restaurant

Taylor Rose

Tio Tino’s Tacos