Shayla Loring Photography

101 W. Chippewa Street, Dwight, IL, 60420  |  (815) 252-8946  |

A full-service photography studio specializing in weddings, high school seniors and lifestyle sessions.  Shayla is a nostalgic at heart and wants each couple, family, and teenager to treasure their photos for generations to come.

Life holds thousands of moments worth remembering, worth sharing. It moves quickly by, and to preserve those memories through the generations, we carry photographs: indelible reminders of who we were in those moments.

I want to capture your true self, you as you are on the day you step in front of my lens. I want to set you at ease and make you feel free to be yourself. I want you to laugh loudly, smile freely, and show off what makes you unique. I want everyone who knows you to hold these photos in their hands and cry, “This is so you!”