New Board Members

The Dwight Economic Alliance is pleased to announce its new Executive Board lineup.  New members of the board elected at the meeting on January 18, 2022 are Stephanie Alexander of Dwight, Randy Irvin of Dwight, and Jill Mann of Dwight.

These new members join continuing board members Bill Flott, Kevin McNamara, Bob Ohlendorf, Sherrie Rhodes, John Salzer, and Shayla Smith.

Members rolling off the board, including Rodney Connor and Max Sulzberger, remain committed to the DEA’s mission and will continue to work with us on the events and initiatives that they led as board members.

With new Coordinator Katie Folkers in place and the Dwight Business Incubator almost ready to open its doors, it’s going to be an exciting year.  Want to get involved?  Contact Katie or any board member.